Tan Xuguang: Make Weichai Singapore a Financial and Trade Settlement Center in Southeast Asia

On July 20, Tan Xuguang respectively visit Xu Fangda, Government Senior Minister of Singapore Finance Ministry, and Huang Mingliang, Deputy Director of Singapore Economic Development Board, had in-depth discussions on international financial and trade cooperation space and Shandong Heavy Industry Group’s establishment of a Southeast Asian financial and trade settlement center in Singapore.

On July 21, Tan went to Weichai Singapore to investigate and proposed to establish a financial and trade settlement center in Singapore.

On July 22, Tan went to Penang, Malaysia to investigate the use of Weichai, Sinotruk and Shaanxi Automobile heavy truck products, and had an in-depth discussion with Fengcheng Group on further promoting the cooperation between Weichai Marine and Electric engine, SinotruK and Shaanxi Automobile heavy truck.

Tan said that we will fully rely on local advantages, with Malaysia as the center, facing the Southeast Asian market, establish a modern spare parts inventory and training center with efficient operation, and continue to improve the service level. We hope to cooperate with Fengcheng Group to promote the integrated sales of heavy-duty trucks, mining trucks, construction machinery and other products, cooperate well, and constantly expand market shares together.

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